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Protect Your Construction Lien Rights...


  Did you know that as a contractor, subcontractor or material supplier you have the right to claim a lien against a property on which your work is performed or your materials used?
 Did you know that you can lose these lien rights if you do not send a timely Notice to Owner of the property and that similar rules and deadlines apply to state, city and other public construction projects?
 Don't have time to be concerned with additional paperwork?
 Confused by the various deadlines and other legal requirements?

All you need to do is tell us the following:

  1. The company or individual who ordered the materials or work performed  
  2. The address of the property and the owner's name
  3. The date you started work or first delivered materials
  4. The type of work you performed or material you supplied

...we do the rest!

CPR's professional staff is familiar with all the deadlines, forms and other requirements which must be followed to protect your lien rights. Our staff is trained by an experienced construction lawyer who oversees all operations, forms and procedures. In the construction industry, failure to protect your lien rights often means failing to get paid. You can't afford not to get paid for your valuable labor and materials! Let us take care of protecting your lien rights while you concentrate on running your business.

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